On February 3, 1942, a chemical plant evacuated from Orekhovo-Zuevo (Moscow region) rearwards to Kemerovo put out its first products in new location - plastics based on phenol-formaldehyde resins for defense industry. This date is considered the birthday of Kemerovo enterprise “Karbolit”.

Every year, increasing its production rate the plant was focused on the expansion of the range of polymer materials and their products. The main parts of the plant’s product range were plastic products for many industries: electrical and radio engineering, instrument and machine building, chemical industry.

After the war, a period of rapid development of the plant began. The phenolic plastics manufacturing facility was put into operation. Its launch changed the plant’s specialization areas.

We started production of phenol-formaldehyde resins for various applications and plastics based on them, which were in high demand.

Further development and upgrading of production facilities for processing plastics was backed by continuous improvement of production of the necessary molds, tools, and metal fittings.

Our research and development experts were concentrated on developing methods for the synthesis of our own ion-exchange resins, and in February 1962 a plant for the production of ion exchange resins was put into operation.

In 1966 the plant for manufacturing synthetic resins and varnishes (laminated plastics) was launched.

Throughout the period since the plant launch its activities have been marked with the growth in its staff creativity aimed at accelerating the development of the research and design capacities, introduction of advanced technology, improved performance of equipment, and increase in output of the current manufacturing sites. At the same the methodical work of the staff in the field of environment protection began.

By 1970, the plant became one of the largest chemical companies in Kemerovo region.

The following years saw intensified work on improving the quality of products.

In 1977, the plant launched formalin manufacturing shop with the capacity of 120 000 tons.

In July 1977 Research and Production Association "Karbolit" was created on the basis of the plant "Karbolit" and Kemerovo Chemical Industry Research Institute, the enterprise being the leader in the chemical industry of the USSR.

The 1980s were the most successful years in the company's history, when the output of phenol-formaldehyde resins amounted to 60 000 tons, that of phenolics – to 45 000 tons, and the number of employees was 6 185.

In 1991, in the course of corporatization Kemerovo Research and Production Association "Karbolit" was converted into a Firm "TOKEM" JSC, and since August 2004 we are Production Association "TOKEM" LLC.

Company history highlights:

  • December 1941 – deployment of the factory "Karbolit" evacuated from the city of Orekhovo-factory in Kemerovo;
  • February 1942 – output of the first products for the military front;
  • 1942 - 1945 – development of production and output for military needs;
  • 1946 - 1979 – further development of production, construction of new plants and facilities;
  • 1977 – merger of "Karbolit" plant with Chemical Industry Research Institute and establishment of Research and Production Association "Karbolit".
  • 1980 - 2000 – reconstruction of production facilities, the introduction of new technological processes;
  • 1991 – corporatization of the enterprise and its transformation into a closed joint stock company Firm "TOKEM".
  • 2004 - establishment of Production Association "TOKEM" LLC.