The date of company’s establishment is January 30, 2004.

"TOKEM Trading Company" LLC is the exclusive distributor for the sole manufacturer of ion exchange resins in Russia, the recognized leader in the field of applied chemistry and the production of phenolic products, and the leading developer of new polymer synthesis technologies.

"TOKEM Trading Company" takes the leading position in sales of ion exchange resins and phenolic products on the Russian market.

Consumers are offered a few dozen types of products, which are widely applied in a variety of industries such as: power generation, food, pharmaceutical industry, housing and utilities, woodworking enterprises, basalt heaters production, defense companies and many others.

Our products are supplied both to the Russian market and to those of neighboring countries (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Belarus, Lithuania, Estonia) as well as abroad (Iraq, Iran, Vietnam, Italy, Finland).

Technical QC Department of the manufacturing plant, "TOKEM Production Association" LLC carries out input quality control of raw material, phase-to-phase control in the course of production as well as product QC prior to shipping. Compliance with GOST and TR is confirmed with quality certificates, which are attached to each batch of products shipped.

On demand, we provide services for the optimization of transportation and product transportation by vehicles, rail and air transport to the consignee's warehouse.