“TOKEM Research And Production Association” LLC was established in July 2011 with the view of execution of the project "Monodisperse ion exchangers” on the basis of "TOKEM Production Association" LLC.

In August 2011 the company becomes a resident participant of "Skolkovo" Foundation. "TOKEM Research And Production Association" LLC is developing a unique technology of producing monodisperse ion exchange resins with a uniformity coefficient of less than 1.05.

We have obtained the first monodisperse ion exchangers with uniformity coefficient of 1.02 in the laboratory. We can confidently assert that the 1.05 uniformity coefficient in pilot production plant is achievable.

Industries and application areas of monodisperse ion exchange resins include:

  • Water treatment for power generation and industrial production
  • Industrial wastewater treatment
  • Nuclear energy (cooling circuits of reactors)
  • Chemistry and petrochemistry
  • Separation and purification of precious and heavy metals
  • Isolation of monosaccharides
  • Pharmaceutical industry

The main advantages of monodisperse resins are:

  • Increased mechanical strength and longer life
  • Uniform particle size distribution reduces pressure drop in sorbent layer, thus decreasing consumer’s energy costs by 20-25%
  • operation life of monodisperse ion exchangers is increased to 12 years (twice as long as that of polydisperse ones)

  • Monodisperse ion exchangers demand is up to 30% less (as there is no need for extra feeding of ion exchangers in contrast to polydisperse ones)

  • 20% less regenerant demand